Royal Adelaide Show 1936

Grand Parade 1936 - D. Darian Smith

Grand Parade 1936 – D. Darian Smith

The panoramic image you see was photographed by D. Darian Smith in 1936. Those Adelaide show aficionados will note the construction of the roof on the Centennial Hall to the left, this hall was taken down two years ago. The image depicts the Grand Parade, and the audience in silouhette revelling in the sight.

This image and thousands more are a part of Atkins’ D. Darian Smith collection, which we curate and have been digitising since early 2000. Here is a link to some of the work.

SA Life Magazine

SA Life Magazine

The collection was featured in the September SA Life magazine in a great article written by Grant Cameron.

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  1. Joel C says:

    The Adelaide Hills look so different without the vegetation.

    Some wonderful photos in the collection, do you ever hold a gallery?

  2. paulatkins says:

    Hi Joel, We have exhibited before, and will again. But no immediate plans. has a fair chunk of his work, but there is still years worth of scanning!

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