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We have been invited to exhibit at this year’s Shimmer Festival in Adelaide’s southern vales. Shimmer will run from Friday 29 August to Sunday 28 September 2014.

Shimmer runs parallel to SALA but is a biennial celebration of the many professionally established, internationally acclaimed, emerging and aspirational photographers in Australia.

Shimmer is the only photography festival in South Australia and the City of Onkaparinga is leading the way in supporting and showcasing local talent and attracting the best artists to our community. Shimmer provides professional skill development opportunities to local artists as well as a culturally enriching experience for our whole community.

More than 30 local galleries, wineries, cafes and restaurants involved in exhibiting during Shimmer, the entire area get behind this great festival.

If you want to know more about Shimmer, click here.

What is in it for you?

During the months of April and May 2014, we are asking for submissions from our community to participate in this project. This year’s exhibition will be curated by us based on the theme “Light“. There is limited space, and entries will be considered on their artistic merit and fit with the theme and other submissions. We feel a single entry per person will work the best, but if you have others you wish us to consider, please let us know.

Submissions close May 31st 214.

Cost of your participation:

Price of your print(s) and framing at Atkins based on the space available (possibly at this stage a square meter per participant). You can choose any presentation method and paper options, but it will need to go in one of our white frames, using any of the five moulding shapes.

Plus $160 payable with the print order. This covers the gallery fee, design and print of promotional material, website for exhibition and design of book that will be for sale that will represent you and the exhibition (if you wish to purchase the book, it will be available at cost to you).

The gallery will take a 35% commission.

How to make a submission.

If you wish to be a part of the exhibition, please submit a single jpeg image, at least 900 pixels on the longest dimension for our review. Please also include your artist statement for the piece. Please email the photograph and the artist statement to

Join us in helping Shimmer shine.

We had great success with our DARK exhibition that we took to the Ballarat Biennale, the participants had a great time and we helped put Adelaide photographers amongst the best in Australia. DARK ended up returning to Adelaide and featuring at the Adelaide Town Hall for a second run.

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  1. great to see. You are a whiz Paul Atkins

  2. Paul Atkins says:

    Thanks Gary. I am very much looking forward to your submission.

  3. suzanne laslett says:

    Good on you, Paul. Much appreciated.

  4. Paul Atkins says:

    Thanks Suzanne!

  5. Gee says:

    This is why we love you Paul. Your a gem!

  6. Hey Paul,

    When do you need an image by ?
    I might like to shoot something for it but am super under the pump at the mo, end of season and going away for 3 weeks shoot Cambodia Laos.

    Sounds fun and interesting and would love to be involved but may not be able to meet the deadline this year if needed soon

    Thanks Paul, Kerin

  7. Paul Atkins says:

    End of May Kerin, if your application can be lodged by 31st of May we can add it in.
    I really hope you can submit something.

  8. Deb says:

    Hey Paul,

    I’m super keen to be involved, as of course it is my stomping ground down here! I’m trying to open the link for the DARK exhibition, to get an idea of the work submitted there, but cant get it to open???
    Any advice? Cheers, Deb.

  9. Hi Paul,

    As a non practicing professional & occasional client of Atkins, I apologise for this question in advance. I’m just curious as to whether or not I might offer up something for consideration in an exhibition such as this, but understand if I would be unable to at this stage. As a profoundly obsessed photographic enthusiast, I hold a secret yearning to one day have work viewed or even alongside photographers of the calibre found within this community. I doubt I have anything just yet, but would certainly shoot for the moon if I could :)

    Thanks Paul,

    Steve C

  10. Paul Atkins says:

    Steve. One word. Submit.
    Your work should be considered.

  11. Paul Atkins says:

    I see it is broken! I will fix it, sorry.

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