About us

AtkinsTechnicolour is a third generation family business that was formed in 1936. In 1967 the company’s focus moved from photography (people, horses and aerial) to supporting photographers as a professional laboratory. The impetus to change was demand from local photographers for a laboratory that could process and print colour film, which was already mastered by John Atkins.

In 1996 Paul Atkins introduced digital services to the laboratory, and the family soon realised their 30 years of colour experience gave them a great advantage in optimising digital files. In 2006, the Atkins family got the chance to purchase Duckpond, another one of Adelaide’s institutions. Now John Clarke, David Hobbs,  and Karen Tilbrook are a part of AtkinsTechnicolour. They bring a wealth of skill and knowledge to AtkinsTechnicolour.

AtkinsTechnicolour is run by Paul, with John and Marilyns’ support, together with a staff of experienced technicians. We strongly believe in educating all people in the enormous value of photography, and how do it well from capture through manipulation to print and finally storage.

“A rising tide floats all boats”

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