What have we done…

The past 20 years has seen the rise of a new paradigm in photography. This shift to a world of mostly digital data has not been good for the photo lab industry, nor has it been good for professional photographers. Since the mid 1990s we have been wrestling with these changes, […] Read more »

Mick Bradley remembered

  Ian North has written this lovely piece about Mick Bradley: A memory of Mick Such a dear man…to use an overworked term, an Adelaide icon, raincoat flapping like Columbo’s, always giving anyone he met the time of day, like the fictional detective a great conversationalist and an astute observer […] Read more »

Emily Daisy Atkins 1918 – 2013

The much loved matriarch of the Atkins family passed away recently and we wanted to acknowledge the wonderful love and support she gave to keeping the family so close.  Emily also allowed the business to grow sometimes at the expense of family time. Emily was the Atkins company’s (Wm. G […] Read more »

WG Atkins

1936 saw the death of Bill Atkins’ boss Tom Walker, leaving him a couple of Contessa Nettle cameras and some debt. He took the business over and turned it into a successful business still thriving today. Bill became a face everyone new with a nickname mushroom as he kept popping […] Read more »