Adelaide’s Best Wedding Photograph

Paul Mac's 2013 winning image

Paul Mac’s 2013 winning image

Congratulations Paul McCall from Paul Mac Photography!

Paul’s image was chosen out of the 26 entrants by over 1000 members of the public in two voting forums; the Winter Bridal Ideas Fair, where the entrants’ images were printed on a 20x24inch paper and visitors to the fair were asked to pick their favorite, and on-line at our voting website.

Paul won with 18% of the total vote, but was not the most popular at the Bridal Fair. Kerin Burford was second, and most popular at the Bridal Fair and B Captured by Ky Luu third. Voting was very close and all entrants received similar votes, mirroring our opinion of the high standard of this years’ entrants.

A stunning change to the prize offering for this year, Brides of Adelaide are offering a double page spread as an alternative prize to the $1000 cash!

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About the competition:

The object of this competition is to promote professional wedding photography to Brides and Grooms, particularly the importance of a using a good photographer on their wedding day, and not trusting their precious memories to a relation or friend

Entrants must supply an image that must have been must be taken in the last 12 months by a professional wedding photographer registered with our competition.

The image must have the approval of the bride and groom for this purpose.

As a customer of AtkinsTechnicolour, you image will also be on our website as part of a gallery of fine wedding photographers.

Whilst you do not have to be a customer of AtkinsTechnicolour to enter the competition, only Atkins’ customers will be a part of the on-line gallery and will get preference with our limited number of entries. We get quite a lot of traffic seeking wedding photographers, and past competitions have generated quite a bit of work, so if you are not already an Atkins customer you should strongly consider using the lab who’s priority is service and quality.

So hop on in and be a part of this great opportunity.

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2012 winner: Shona Henderson

2011 winner:  Melissa from Gloss Photography.

2010 winner: Simmone LeRaye of Your Style Photography.

2009 winner: Julie Newcombe of Pear Walk Studios.

2008 winner: Meg Hansen

2007 winner: Dale Smith of Photography by Dale

2006 winner: Norman Weedall of Gainsborough Studios

Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

One of the sad stories we often see, is the wedding photographed by an amateur photographer. Our production staff spend many hours a week trying to make the best out of a sad mess of precious photos. Think about it, your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and not long afterwards if becomes a fading memory, perhaps you will remember the highlights of the day, but for how long? Memory is a funny thing, quite often all the details are locked up in your head and it seems all you need to free it up is a sound, or a smell, or a picture… There is nothing like a photograph to open the flood gates of distant memories, and cause it all to flow back. Now imagine if you asked Uncle Harry to “take a few snaps” at the church, and the snaps, whilst not a disaster, are very ordinary.

How do you think Uncle Harry felt on the day with the pressure to record such an event for you? How do you think looking at those pictures will make you feel? What memories will they invoke? A professional photographer on your wedding day will give you those memories and that piece of mind. Fill your future life with a beautiful record of that day, you and your family will always be thankful.