Recommendations and advice

Album Suppliers

  • Albums Australia – AA provide an excellent range of professional albums, with their own design software (TDA), and superb products, this is an exciting way to present your work.
  • Jorgensens Albums – Jorgensens provide a large range of elegant products. They too have their own software (JAD), and like AA their service and quality is exceptional.
  • Photo Mounts and Albums – are strong competitors for range and quality.
  • Seldex – Seldex have a wide range of products and hold a prominent position in the Australian market, a visit to their site will give you many ideas.

Alternative photographic processes

  • The Analogue Laboratory – these folks can If you are looking to do something more interesting and have a project in mind, say, coating aluminium sheeting with photographic emulsion and printing giant murals, platinum printing, tintypes or daguerreotypes, we can help you from start to finish. In practice, we’re a bunch of artists who like to work with other artists – so get in touch, take one of our workshops and let’s Make Something.
  • Centre for Creative Photography. Gavin Blake began this institution in 1997 and it has been growing ever since. Arguably one of the finest opportunities you will get to master photography and film processes in Australia.

Archival information

  • Image Permanence Institute. This organisation produces extensive research into the archival nature of imaging processes. The IPI has a valuable newsletter, which is worth subscribing to. IPI is a part of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Associations – professional

  • AIPP – Australian Institute of Professional Photography – Excellent national organisation, with a strong SA branch, support for professional photographers from copyrite to forms, to lobbying. Great seminars. Monthly Breakfast meeting here in SA.
  • UPDIG – Universal Photographic and Digital Imaging Guidelines. The UPDIG guidelines aim to clarify issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital images. These guidelines were created to establish photographic standards and practices for photographers, designers, printers, and image distributors. The guidelines cover Digital Asset Management, Colour Profiling, Metadata, and Photography Workflow. Paul Atkins have contributed to UPDIG in a small way over the past few years as a representative of professional photographic labs.


  • The DAM book – this will sort out your workflow. Buy it!


Data Recovery

  • CBL Data recovery are the guys and gals in white coats we trust. They have a clean room so can handle most physical repairs as well as the standard software recovery. Quite a high percent of recoveries end up at CBL, so why not look to them first. Please tell them that AtkinsTechnicolour recommended CBL.
  • SanDisk Rescue Pro, if you are game. Remember, that CBL will know you have had a go as it can jeopardise their recovery services. Rescue Pro is good software. It comes free when purchasing SanDisk Extreme cards, another good reason to buy SanDisk. Finally, this will not fix hardware problems, if your card or drive is stuffed….
  • Data Rescue Pro. Great software, if you are game. Finally, this will not fix hardware problems, if your card or drive is stuffed….
  • SpinRite from Gibson Research. Amazing drive restoration software, again software based. Only runs on windows, can restore a mac drive from windows. It has saved many a punter. If you are game.

Digital cameras:


  • Centre for Creative Photography. Gavin Blake began this institution in 1997 and it has been growing ever since. Arguably one of the finest opportunities you will get to master photography in Australia. The secret to Gavin’s success: his staff.
  • Gainsborough School of Photography. Norman Weedall, founder of Gainsborough studios, run an amazing course in all aspects of running a successful photographic studio. The proof is in the pudding is applicable here, as I have watched one of Norman’s students rise to the top of South Australian Photography, Julie Newcombe of Pearwalk studios. Julie has real natural talent, but Norman gave her the tools to make a career.
  • Monte Zucker portrait posing and lighting web videos and books. Excellent information from a master.

Graphic Designer:

  • Kate Burns Design. Nepotism runs rife at AtkinsTchnicolour and we are proud of it. Thankfully our family is stacked with talented people. Kate Burns (married to Paul Atkins) has been running her own design business since 2000, Kate specialises in branding and identity work that will see your business has it’s best “look” on in the public face. Your branding will set the tone of your operation, it is critical. See Apple if you want to debate this. Kate designs websites through to business cards and annual reports. Currently she is working on a book project with the Botanic Gardens of SA.

Internet Service Providers (ISP):

  • Internode – they are serious about what they do, no mucking around, when calling them you get the usual “press 1 for….blah blah”, however unlike most places Internode’s 1 is for support and 2 is for sales! Subtle but you can get the picture.

Interior fit-outs and custom workspace design:

  • Garage Mahal are offering bespoke design and installation to turn your workspace into an Aladdin’s cave. Cupboards, ceiling lining, specialised lighting, integration of mechanical equipment, safe flooring, themed workspaces, these guys can do it all.

Laptop computers – which has the ideal screen?


  • EIZO Colour Edge – the one and only, we run three 19″ EIZOs in production and can vouch for their performance, consider the cost and the warranty length, is is quite cheap as a per year cost. Anything else will be a compromise.
  • NEC – the 2940 is not a bad cheap alternative. But by no means is it as good as the EIZO.

Monitor Calibration equipment

MYOB training

  • Davtech. Speak with Rita for excellent training in using MYOB. Phone: 8333 3440

Social networking

  • Facebook is the hero here, while there are many others, FB does the trick and is the most popular.
  • Twitter is a neat, quick way of getting and keeping in contact with your “peeps”, think of it as bulk text messaging.

Software for image manipulation:

  • Adobe Photoshop is the best by far, don’t even bother with the competition, if Photoshop is to pricey, go for Elements, it is a reasonable tool with many of Photoshop’s features.
  • Adobe Lightroom makes an easy workflow for photographers, if it was around before Photoshop, there would be a lot less photoshop users and everyone would have a quicker, neater workflow for their digital camera files.
  • Bibble, this is the fastest raw converter and processor, time and time again we use this little tool in the lab and it always beats Adobe in it’s speed, it is a simple effective Lightroom alternative.

Software for Studio Management

  • Proselect is a wonderful program to design and assemble albums and composites, it now has a good book layout module. Proselect is wonderful in sales sessions as it look gorgeous and runs smoothly on both Mac and Windows. Proselect connects with Photoshop to create the actual layouts. The best part about Proselect is Peter Howlet, the author. Peter lives in Perth and works diligently to maintain and improve his gem of a program.
  • Successware is a Mac and Windows compatible program that manages sales, customers, appointments, costing etc. It integrates with Proselect. Such a tool can fine-tune your business, and help you to make most every business opportunity.

Storage and back up

  • Drobo – I am in love with this little beast, Drobo is an ideal way to have your working storage (temporary storage) kept as efficiently as possible. Drobo allows you to stick four hard drives in the one enclosure and the software will set up a RAID of all four drives allowing them to appear as one big drive, and if one drive should fail, you can pop it out and add in another and then allow it to rebuild. I am using one as a nightly back up for our NAS server. The neat thing about Drobo, is that you can put in different sized drives, with common RAID systems, drives add up to the size of the smallest, so you loose the additional space of the bigger drives, thankfully Drobo has worked this out.
  • SuperDuper – amazing, simple software for Mac that will allow you to clone a hard drive and make it bootable.
  • Weibetech – this company has products that blow my mind. Hard drives as storage is coming to the forefront in professional circles, the thought is to keep two copies of the same drive, one on-line and one off-site in bubble wrap. Weibetech has an excellent quick swap system and drive holding system to make this happen.
  • Vantec – like Weibetech, they are making it easy to work with hard drives, the dual drive dock is a very useful device.
  • xxClone – great, simple software for windows to clone a hard drive and make it bootable.

Studio space for rent

  • Silverback studios have a vibrant atmosphere, excellent space, and good rates. This is the place to be. Contact Simon Vaughan via their website. This is an Adelaide city based studio.
  • Lightly Salted is a freshly minted professional studio space, run by multi award winning photographer Liam West. Ideal for small car shoots and down. This is an Adelaide city based studio.


  • Photography Life are running tours to South Africa. Keturah and Morné bring a photographic focus to fascinating regional tours led by Morné, a South African local. Link to more informtion on the tours. Link to Photgraphy life on Twitter. Link to Photography life on Facebook. The latest tour brochures can be downloaded here: Kalahari and Capetown.

Website software

  • WordPress. This site is a wordpress site, the site is hosted by us at AtkinsTechnicolour and we run WordPress, which is a free website software. You simply download and install the wordpress engine, then pick a theme and off you go. Give me a call if you want more information. Photographers, here is a good theme to look at first: FotoFolio.
  • Squarespace. This is very cool, it is wordpress made easy, the Squarespace crew do all the hard work, including hosting, and all you do is drag and drop to design your site then load up with content. I may move our site over to Squarespace.