Print care – advanced

At Atkins, we print on two print systems;

  1. Photographic” involves light being exposed onto light-sensitive photographic media, the light is computer controlled, the paper, once exposed, is processed through photographic chemicals, washed then dried. This process produces durable prints that are classed as archival. They can get wet, and providing they are rinsed carefully in clean water, and allowed to dry, they should be ok. When wet the emulsion (surface) of the print is very delicate, and can be easily scratched, so go easy. Gloss and metallic prints are more susceptible to surface damage, but the matte (lustre) surface is incredibly durable, and this is due to it’s stippled surface. These prints can be laminated or placed in frames to help them last.
  2. Gicleé” involves ink being dropped on papers that have a coated surface, it is dry to touch and continues to dry over a day. Gicleé prints are archival, but more delicate. The art papers are very susceptible to scuffing, but can be sprayed to add a barrier. The gloss and matte prints are quite delicate, and should be laminated, the lustre prints are more durable. Water will destroy these prints.

Choosing display conditions

Avoid direct sunlight, excess humidity (not in bathrooms, or over humidifiers), excess temperatures (over heaters, airconditioners, fireplaces, televisions or CRT computer monitors). Always frame with acid-free materials behind acrylic or UV inhibiting glass.

 Cleaning and handling

  • Dust with a feather duster or a soft lint-free cloth.
  • If you have oily skin, wear clean gloves when handling prints as the acid will slowly etch into the emulsion.
  • If you need to handle the Gicleé print, use clean gloves.
  • large prints (over 280x300mm) are susceptible to kinking, pickin gthem up, carrying them, and placing them down all brings risk. Rolling prints is still an issue as they can be damaged when rolling and unrolling, and when being set out for display. We advise all large prints to leave mounted, or at least rolled