Print care – simple

Our prints are printed using an advanced hybrid process, where digital image data is converted into light and this light is used to expose traditional silver based photographic paper, so you are getting the best of both the past and the present. The process and paper is a Kodak product that has been perfected over the past 130 years, generations have been enjoying these types of prints. The prints will require care in handling, displaying and storage, if you follow these simple guidelines, your children’s children will be pleased to see you as you are:
  • Avoid direct sunlight, excess humidity (not in bathrooms, or over humidifiers), excess temperatures (over heaters, airconditioners, fireplaces, televisions or CRT computer monitors).
  • Dust with a feather duster or a soft lint-free cloth.
  • Avoid touching the surface unless your hands are freshly clean and dry, or in gloves, as skin oils and acids can damage the surface over time.