*New* wrap cover proof books

These look a treat, they take your proofing to the next level! Click here for more details.



This is a fantastic product, it takes 308 images and prints them 36mm wide x 24mm high on a 50x75cm poster and allows text to be added to the top. The poster is then block mounted.

All you need to supply us with is your title and 308 digital image files at a low resolution, beware though, all images will be cropped to a horizontal (landscape) 36x24mm size.

What a great chance to print out those phone photos, or print out an event, the result is mesmerising. The Photoblock is $150. The price includes mounting.





Banner Stand

Banner&standAvailable now for $329.00

This collapses into a small bag (supplied) for easy travel.

You supply the artwork as a Jpeg or PDF, 800 x 2100mm (the 2100 will be crop 12mm top and 100mm bottom due to the apparatus).

Service time: 10 working days

The apparatus

The apparatus