Hi Paul, I am returning to Adelaide later this year to take up a postgraduate opportunity at UniSA. We’ve been based overseas now for 7yrs between USA (California) and Mexico, it’s been insane. Have exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Mexico, and wanted to tell you despite the amazing revolutions in digital/printing services etc, and after working with several print production companies for exhibition output – Atkins holds it globally! Your services are of such a high professional standard, and I appreciate the past skills you taught me, the bar was set at a good place! Look forward to working with you in the future. Gretchen Mercedes.

About Gretchen:

Gretchen Mercedes was born in Oregon, USA and raised in Taipei,Taiwan and Tasmania, Australia. Today she is based between USA,Mexico and Australia.

Mercedes conducted her BVA at the University of South Australia and is currently pursuing a MFA scholarship at the University of California, San Diego. Gretchen has experienced an ongoing mentorship with the Australian photographer and Venice Biennale representative Bill Henson.

Her photographic and video work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Australia and the USA, including; Australian Film Commission, Australian Centre of Photography, Sherman Galleries, National Museum of Australia, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, University of Los Angeles Wight Gallery, and Robert Steele Gallery, New York.




I don’t keep it a secret that I’m a passionate advocate of a photographic print. There is just nothing like handing your client a print that will, one day, be discovered and cherished by one of their great grandkids. Over the years I’ve run through all of the options, from using film and getting my photographs hand printed, to printing my own, to eventually coming to a point where I’ve realised that there are very talented and dedicated people who will happily, and lovingly, take that off my hands to free me up to develop my business further.

Simone Hanckel

Simone Hanckel

Printing a photograph is such an art. I’ve learnt a lot about printing my own work in the last few years, but I’m well aware of how little I actually know. My main concern has always been in consistency for my clients. Matching a black and white print to a one I sold to a client with their last photo shoot can be a tricky business. So, getting to talk to Paul, David and the rest of the Atkins crew has helped reassure me that they fully understand and will help me achieve this. It’s simple really, and ultimately comes down to paper choices, custom profiles etc, but the knowledge that they will help me create the highest quality products has helped me make this transition more easily.

The best part of using Atkins to print my work is that I get to make an amazing relationship with a fantastic vendor. I’ve always tried to use local businesses so that I can build a relationship in order to create a beautifully crafted and personalised product line. I love that I can come in with a germ of an idea and have it developed into something stunning that will make my clients gasp when I show them. In running a business with an artisan quality touch to everything, this means I can offer tradition and integrity and at the same time, keep current and innovative.

After seeing what Atkins did with the photos I did for them for their stall at The AIPP Event, I’m inspired, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll create together in the future.

Simone Hanckel



I have been using Atkins Technicolour as my professional photographic print provider for the past three years. They consistently strive to provide me with a product which is tailored to meet the needs of my photography and in turn, my clients. The friendly staff at Atkins continuously go beyond ‘the call of duty’. They are always there to answer my questions and to assist wherever they can regardless of the level of complexity. If the team at Atkins Technicolour can’t do it, then it’s probably not worth doing! I have never heard the words ‘no, sorry we can’t do that’. I consider Atkins to be more of a partner to my small business than that of a service provider. I have no hesitation in recommending Atkins Technicolour.


Louise Bagger (Louise Bagger Photography)


Norman Weedall

Norman Weedall, Gainsborough School of Professional Photography

Many Thanks to Paul from AtkinsTechnicolour, Australia’s leading Colour Laboratory and supplier of high quality products to PPP’s (that’s Proper Professional Photographers)

My group of training photographers who visited yesterday were literally gobsmacked with the degree of skill and experience of the staff who work to produce consistently high quality photographic images for us to proudly and confidently present to our clients.

I decided over 30 years ago to team up with a Lab supplier whose work I didn’t have to apologise for and could confidently guarantee with my own name.

It’s one less thing to worry about when you know you’re getting consistent quality from the experts in our profession and I can concentrate on the sales.

Norman Weedall.



InfocusNT has been associated with Atkins for over 12 years ago when they were one of the first companies to install the Kodak LED Printer. The 3000km distance between our studio in Darwin and Atkins lab in Adelaide has never been an issue, with the digital files being sent one day and us receiving the photographic prints the following. We have always been more than happy with their products, service and support.
Bronwyn and Michael McROSTIE AAIPP  Infocus Photography NT.


Our studio has enjoyed a remarkable working relationship with the Atkins team for well over 20 years. Throughout that time we have found the entire team to be ever helpful and friendly.

A partnership with Atkins, is in fact the next best thing to having a professional lab right in your studio. Except of course you have access to a pool of far more skilled professionals than you could ever afford to assemble yourself.

You may think that dealing with an interstate lab would be difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth. We deliver our files to Atkins using their simple and very effective online servers. Beautifully finished prints are despatched usually within hours.

It doesn’t stop there however, Atkins also have a mounting and framing service. So that they can in fact be truly a one stop shop for all your photofinishing needs.

When we order a job from Atkins, whether it be just a single print or a large framing order we know that the finished job will be received, securely packaged and on time. So regardless of whether you are based next door to the lab or across the country. I commend Atkins to you. The can do lab focussed on great outcomes for your photographic business.

Ian McKenzie, Excitations Photography, Mildura


A Woman’s Touch Photography has had a business relationship with Atkins Technicolour since 1994 when we first moved to Western Australia and not knowing any photographic labs here in the West a colleague from NSW recommended we give Atkins Technicolour a go.  At first I was reluctant because they are in SA and we are WA, but this did not prove to be a problem.

It has been a pleasure doing business with Atkins, especially during the transition from film to digital where I, like many photographers, was struggling with this new concept.  Nothing seemed to be a problem to John and Paul, they were always willing to give advice and assistance wherever they could.

The quality of the printing and service is of an extremely high standard and are they ready to put in the extra effort for those last minute urgent jobs with a “smile.”

I enjoy catching up with John and Paul at photographic conferences and seminars.  My husband and I have also enjoyed a few luncheon dates with John and his wife Marilyn when they have visited Perth.

A Woman’s Touch looks forward to many years of association with Atkins Technicolour.

Brenda Flay – A Woman’s Touch Photography – WA


12th May 2010
Hi guys,
I’m just writing to say that the canvas print I ordered from you a couple of weeks ago arrived yesterday.  Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all of my questions prior to ordering.  I am absolutely rapt with the result and will recommend your services with enthusiasm.  I am looking forward to delivering this print to my client.
Michael Houlden
Superintendent Smelter Maintenance
Olympic Dam Mine