FTP – alternative service

You are welcome to use Dropbox or YouSendIt to get work into us, but we have our own similar system that places your files directly into our lab and that saves the need for downloading from these third party services to Atkins, so our FTP service is faster. If you wish to use your service, you must include all details of your job.

You can actually use @tkins online software to prepare the order and use another service to send it, as it has the option to save the order to disk for bringing into the lab. Doing this will give you a price benefit as our software manages the paperwork as well.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is a method for your computer to connect directly to a server in our building, allowing you to send files. The speed of transmission will be limited by your internet connection, but is has great benefits over email in that email goes from you through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) mail system, then to our ISP’s mail system and then to us, and at any one of those points the message could be slowed or stopped.

To use the web interface uploader:

When arriving at AtkinsTechnicolour web FTP, you will be presented with a request for a user name and password, enter the details you receive via email from us, or use atguest as the username and go89 as the password.

Once entered you will find yourself in your FTP home area, you will also see a tool bar along the top, choose the browser uploader, this should bring up an interface where  you can then pick your files and send them in. It will take a while to send big files, the speed will be limited you yours and our internet connection.

Once the files are completely through, you will see them in the list on our web ftp page, at this point send an email to: peg@atkins.com.au with the details of what you have sent us and what you require us to do with it. The email becomes the paperwork, so to speak. If you wish to leave your computer with it sending, you can send the email with an ETA of the files, this is very important as our software can damage the files if the send is interrupted by us accessing the files too early.